Day 1: Self Portrait

Dear Mr Alien,

pray you are well and still enjoying the hide and go seek games you’re currently playing with humankind. Don’t worry we do not blame you for not wanting to visit us right now, with the political turmoil, wars, global warming I too would not be too eager to get my Earth visa right now.

I’ve been wracking my brains on how best to introduce you to the wonders and splendour that is Earth through the art of photography (literally means painting with light) and seeing that 2017 has just begun I thought I’d go back to basics with a 30 day photo challenge, where I’ll be taking a themed photo for 30 days and then trying to put that theme into constructs that you’d understand even though I know you’re super smart. You’d have to be, you’ve made your way through the multiple galaxies to this remote location in the Universe.

The first day’s challenge was a self-portrait (urgh) which I generally loathe as the 2017 generation have proliferated the use of the dreaded “selfie”. Let me elaborate here, a “selfie” is where the person takes a photo of themselves at various fun and exciting locations, usually in the bathrooms of nightclubs or on top of various mountains (big ass rocks, we’ll get into this a bit later). There is nothing inherently wrong with this practice, as photos act as triggers for the memory, allowing us to recollect special moments in extraordinary places but like most things too many of them and then they lose their appeal. This practice continues to reinforce the unfortunate characteristic of modern living that as individuals we are the most important thing living on this planet, it perpetuates the “me first” ideology that has become synonymous with Generation Z (people born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s), the culture of instant gratification, losing touch with the more simpler aspects of life. Things like watching the sun rise, the smell after the rainfall, greeting strangers and most of all, treating each other like brothers and sisters.

Don’t get me wrong Mr Alien, there are so many more positive things out there that in my opinion outweigh these negative traits, if we as a species are just willing to look for them. Stay away from mainstream media, be conscious of the media you do ingest and never stop asking questions is a start in allowing yourself the opportunity to grasp that which is serving you while being aware enough to discard that which is not.

But back to the image, please enjoy it as I don’t think I’ll be posting many more of these, since the very first self-portrait photo by Robert Cornelius in 1839 we have been fascinated with self-portraits. The cynic in me likes to think this has something to do with our own self involvement, ego or pure boost of self-esteem but as like most things there is a flip side to this. Maybe we use self-portraits as a tool to humble ourselves, an opportunity for deep introspection and honesty. And through this honest look at our physical deficiencies or shortcomings we can learn able to love what is staring back at us instead of comparing it to other more conventional assumptions of “beauty”, this concept called self-love is, in my opinion, the greatest hindrance to happiness leading to low self-esteem and general dissatisfaction with one’s life.

Let me end of this inaugural rambling blog post with this thought: Love yourself, love your so called flaws, treat yourself, be kind to yourself. Look into the mirror as you’d look at a lover because the relationship you have with yourself will shape all your future relationships.

Be safe out there Mr Alien.

Always watching the stars,


Life is all about balance

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