Day 6: Low Angle

Dear Mr Alien

how’s those intergalactic streets treating you my man or woman or whatever forms of gender your species prescribes to? So this past weekend I celebrated my 37th year on this splendorous piece of rock and water, the day of our births are celebrated ad nauseum on my planet Mr Alien, usually filled with some sort of party, excessive eating and gifts, usually celebrated in the company of friends and family.

Personally it has never really been a time for much revelry for me, just another day, just another grey hair. But as I grow older I find myself becoming more receptive to these shenanigans, trying to fully immerse myself in the birthday spirit, being a little silly and generally having a good time. I think the reason for this is that I’ve become more and more aware of how short our time is on this planet, merely a heartbeat in the big scheme of things so we should indeed cram as much life into the time we do have. Do you also age like we do? And celebrate every year you’re still existing? If so happy belated birthday to whenever that might be.

Side note: This year I rung in my birthday with a weekend trip to a private beach with a few friends, definitely makes celebrating much more doable when you have the ocean literally a few steps away.

Mr Alien today’s challenge was low angles, looking at the world from a lower angle than usual. When last have you looked up, what do you see when YOU look up Mr Alien? Too often we earthlings look straight ahead, to engrossed in that which is apparent, never looking down or up, allowing ourselves the chance to absorb as much of our surroundings as possible.

We have an idiom here on Earth (an idiom is a collection of words whose meaning is not apparent from the meaning of the individual words), side note English is a weird language. It means “to not know or be aware of what is going on around you”, which in my thinking does not seem such a bad way of living right, #daydreamerforlife. But I digress, yes the idiom has a bad connotation but the action of looking around us from different perspectives is sorely underused.

The action getting low and taking a photograph looking up at something automatically gives that subject a sense of gravitas, of importance and stature (photo hack 101).  So when we too make ourselves smaller, throwing off the shackles of the ego and import are we able to see the greatness in all that is around us.

Letting go of trying to be cool, smart, popular removes those dominator culture tinted lenses from our eyes, viewing all as an extension of ourselves and not something that needs to be overcome or viewing our brothers and sisters as opposition in this rat race (def: endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit) we call modern living.

In this photo I have captured an iconic piece of architecture from my neighbourhood, Balmoral, a building I have walked past thousands of time without actually looking up and viewing it’s symmetrical splendour. So for an exercise in changing your paradigm, take a moment and start viewing things from different angles, crouch to your dog/cat/baby’s height and look around your living space, doesn’t it seem like another world?

There is much beauty and magic in this world of ours Mr Alien if people were just willing to change their conditioned way of thinking and viewing things through fresh eyes, so until next time keep your mind like a blank page.

Always watching the stars,



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